Free Cloud Storage with Unlimited Retention

Unlimited File History \ Retention

Unlimited File History \ Retention

Retain as many versions of your backed-up data as you like from one day to infinity.

Your data is never pruned or purged without your consent.

Storing multiple versions of your files over time isn’t just hoarding; it’s building a safety net of recovery options. Imagine accidentally deleting a crucial report – with file retention, and you can rewind to an earlier version before the mishap. 

Got ransomware attack blues? No worries, file retention lets you leapfrog back to a clean state before the encryption. But it’s not just about disaster recovery. Legal compliance often demands data preservation for years, and file retention ensures you meet those obligations without breaking a sweat.

You want to decide how many versions of your files and data you retain? Of course you do, and so do we. We never prune your retention settings or force 30 day limits.

You can set the retention period from one day \ backup to unlimited.

Unlimited History & Retention

Keep as many versions of all your files as you want.

Backup Windows & macOS

Backup other LAN devices using UNC paths.

Backup external drives and NAS

Backup external disks and drives, &NAS devices.