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The global CCTV Camera market continues to grow, with security cameras installed in business and domestic locations.

The market is growing at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2022 and 2029.

As CCTV manufacturers establish and grow their market, the technology is now affordable for small-scale businesses and homes.

However, the question is, how long does the CCTV footage last? CCTV recording is only as sound as your storage, and very often, simple mistakes in choosing and maintaining your storage can have disastrous results.

Read on to find out as we discuss its various aspects.

The security camera market size is projected to increase at a CAGR of 16.8%, or from 35 billion to 105 billion between 2022 and 2029

1. CCTV Market Growth

The global CCTV camera market continues to grow, with security cameras installed at domestic and commercial properties.

2. Industry Trends

As more and more CCTV manufacturers enter the market and established companies grow their market share, there is an ever-increasing demand for more local and cloud storage.

With every new release, physical disks increase in storage size, failure rates decrease, power consumption decreases, and hard disk density improves. This is great for CCTV owners, but local storage systems have many drawbacks when used as sole image and video repositories.

The only person that can make this decision is your customer. Common factors that affect this decision are often outside your customer’s responsibility and will be defined by their insurance company demands, legal requirements, and risk of employee litigation.

Deep Dive Into CCTV Storage Solutions

A functional CCTV system with at least one camera must be allowed to use as much bandwidth and storage space as it needs.

In our experience, the disks inside most commercially available CCTV systems are very small and much smaller than the standard sizes available for less than £100. At the time of writing in March 2024, the maximum capacity of a commercially available HDD is 32TB, with a 20TB HDD available for £220.

The storage period for security camera footage varies, often lasting between 3 months and one year, depending on factors like legal requirements, storage capacity, and user preferences. Older footage is automatically deleted to make space for new recordings, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Consider storage factors like frame rate, resolution, and audio before you buy. Cameras offer varying storage capacities, with businesses and financial institutions needing more due to compliance regulations.

Match your camera choice to your recording needs and available storage.

Your Security Camera's Storage Needs. Depends On Several Key Factors:

System Setup

Recording Options

Additional Features

Recording Duration

Considering these factors, you can choose the correct storage solution for your security system’s needs.

Security camera recording frequency varies, impacting footage storage. Basic cameras might capture images every minute, while motion-activated models like video doorbells record only when detecting movement. 24/7 recording CCTV cameras, ideal for constant surveillance, capturing continuous footage require significant storage. These factors, as well as resolution and duration, determine the available footage period.

Storing high-quality security footage for different periods requires flexibility. While several factors dictate the average storage time, you can always back up crucial footage later. Don’t let live recordings being overwritten become a concern. Tools ensure you have the proof you need, even after initial deletion.

Pros and Cons of Local and Cloud Storage Solutions:

Local Storage

  • Easy to configure and fixed cost.
  • Manual data protection.
  • No ongoing costs.
  • No native backup to protect you from hardware failure, theft or tampering.
  • Very hard and expensive to scale in size.

Cloud Storage

  • Automatic protection for your data.
  • In-built protection for your data from hardware failure, theft, or tampering.
  • Super easy to scale up to any size.
  • Can be costly if usage and data retention periods are not managed correctly.


Do you need more certainty about your CCTV footage storage? There is a balance to be struck between cost, durability of stored images and videos, ease of use, and personal requirements.

If you want to know how to back up your CCTV footage to the cloud, sign up now and see how easy it is to set up and use your free CCTV cloud storage indefinitely.